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What impact has Big Data had on the Health and fitness industry 2018?

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The health and fitness industry is forever evolving, and even more so nowadays Big Data technology is having a huge impact on patients, fitness fanatics, and individuals who require statistics on their body.

Big Data is being used to improve the healthcare industry to create tailored healthcare solutions. Data is analyzed to improve an individual’s health, medical condition, fitness level, symptoms of diseases, and even allergies. It is creating an awareness of someone’s medical history, which then any problems can be highlighted which enables healthcare solutions to be put in place.

"Big Data"

On the market today various Healthcare apps, Personal training apps, Pilates and yoga apps, nutrition apps, weight control, and fat burning apps are available and these are just a few examples of the health industry using big data technology.

How is the Data Tracked

Today there are various smart and medical devices which have adopted Big Data technology. Big data analytics is used to such an extent that your phone, watch or even headphones can track and analyze by a pulse rate or heartbeat. The Benefit of the Raw data collected is the accuracy and trends on your statistics. Your body doesn’t lie!

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