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How to nail a job interview

Going through a job interview is a bit of a devil’s trap: the more you resist, the tighter it gets. Focused relaxation is key to surviving.

In fact, a big part of any job interview involves simply checking how comfortable you look and feel in the role of a possible new employee. This means that often your success or failure will determined nearly at a glance – and if you assume it’s only about how you’re dressed, you’re missing the big picture.

Having the right amount of confidence will put you ahead of the curve; here are five key considerations that will help you get the job within minutes of starting the interview.


Pace Yourself and Don’t Rush In

One of the easiest ways to convey the wrong impression is to rush in haphazardly into a job interview. You don’t want to meet your interviewer while panting and sweating! Adopt a composed attitude and always arrive a little early – so you have time to get familiar with the premises, greet some of your potential new co-workers, and carefully watch for any details that could be useful during the small-talk portion of the interview.

Be Friendly, Professional, and Communicative

Your job interview doesn’t begin when you think it does; it starts as soon as you enter the office building and get noticed by any worker in there, no matter what that person’s role in the company may be. Every little human interaction from the time you step in there will shape up the final impression you make. As you go through the motions you’ll invariably create a momentum that can be positive or negative, depending on how you act and carry yourself all the way through.

Pay Close Attention to Non-verbal Cues

While you should of course watch your words during a job interview, you must keep in mind that what you say is just background noise for the real test that takes place between the lines. Non-verbal cues are possibly the most important aspect during a job interview, and they cover multiple aspects: wearing proper attire, being friendly and conveying a good mood, looking everyone in the eye, speaking out confidently, greeting people with your best handshake, being polite and courteous, projecting enthusiasm and liveliness.

Embrace the Small Talk

Typically, all job interviews begin with a little small talk whose purpose is to gauge your communication skills and human touch. You’re going to be working with other people after all, so your ability to relate will be just as important as your qualifications and skill. In order to have a nice conversation that positions you appealingly, you must be relaxed and pay close attention to the interviewer; having some interesting conversation topics in mind can also prove to be useful.

Have a Clear Message

Too many job interviews go wrong because the interviewees are not properly informed about the company they’re trying to work for, which conveys the impression they don’t really know what they’re doing there. When applying for any job, you must have a clear notion of what that business does and what your position will involve, so you can craft a clear message that will align with your intended role.

Ask yourself beforehand “how can I add value to this firm?” and pin down three reasons that make you confident you’re the right person for the job. Focus on those reasons as you go through your job interview, aim to repeat them whenever possible, and you’ll find your chances of success will dramatically increase.


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