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How to find startup jobs

There is a new brand of employer that many more people are now considering as a serious option and who can provide huge potential along with the buzz of being in at the start of something new and exciting – namely startup companies. The energetic and innovative culture found in new enterprises is one of the main differences between large corporate or public sector organisations and smaller, entrepreneurial ventures.

As part of a new venture your efforts and ideas have a direct impact on the success of the business, and there is nothing like the sense of achievement of being part of a smaller, focused team and working towards a common goal.


So where do you begin looking for these great opportunities? There are definitely plenty to choose from as 3 startups launch every second around the world.

The first step is to ensure you have a degree of insight into who you are and what you want from a work environment:

Define your passions: what kinds of things are you most interested in and feel you could devote energy and enthusiasm?

Geography: have a think about where you are prepared to live and forge a new career – is that somewhere more local or is the world your oyster?

Stage of development: startups go through different stages known as the jungle stage – the early, challenging times; the dirt road stage – where a company is more established but needs to find a firm direction, or the highway stage – they are more clearly on a known route to success.

Do the research: really check out what companies are considered the ones to watch and that seem to have potential to become really successful.


When you have the background information about your own personal profile and which companies look like the best fit, you are at the stage where you can start applying. As well as approaching companies hiring, use LinkedIn and other networking opportunities.

Approach them with something to offer – for inventive and possibly unconventional setups this attitude will be very advantageous – you will be perceived as someone who has taken time to find out about their goals and mission and can add something of value into the mix. For instance, you may have great connections in the retail industry that you can bring to the table, or you might have additional skills or ideas that appeal to them, so think creatively.


As a starting point Monster, Bussgang and Integ Professional ( us)  have a long list of international startups many of which are hiring right now, and a large number of these are already, or well on the road to, becoming multi-million pound concerns.

So, when looking for startup jobs the main thing is to find out as much information as possible and think laterally when approaching them, and who knows where this might lead you in the future job market!

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